"O" are a french minimalist 'orchestra non orchestra', an enigmatic duo inspired by archaeology, plastic arts and poetry. "O" speak an abstract language through the medium of acoustic guitars, electricity, distorted child's flute, bells, and concrete, numeric noises.

we have never seen their faces, "O" prefer not to show them, believing it could work against the intimacy of the listening experience. prior to this release "O" have existed mainly in the french 'no-audience' underground scene, releasing great recordings as "O", [.], or je for amazing labels such as burning emptiness.

yann from "O" insists "O" is not music - the listeners make it music. so the listener is the only artist involved and must work towards building new music.

numero 0 is the debut album from "O". out now on antenna.

"O" interviews:
loop ezine. neozine. endorphin bath.

you can now hear more of their delightful reveries here.