Los Planetos del Agua

LPdA formed in 1996 & released a storming first single on bearos records autumn 1999. sir john peel 'from the fabulous radio 1' was so impressed he played both sides of the record on his shows. we were so impressed we asked them for an album. 'too many bricks and not enough sea' followed and john's enthusiasm for their music continued to manifest itself in further plays on his shows and strange telephone calls from under desks, tangled in wires.

having toured their first album around the UK & italy, LPdA are mixing material recorded with new member jo doran on guitar and vocals.

the group have a great new & exclusive track on the latest robots + electronic brains compilation featuring antenna & 4 other labels. and another track on the latest silver rocket compilation. guitarist tony has also contributed to the new telescopes album - out now on antenna.

one of the most promising groups of the future. [JB - emoRAGEi]

"Our music is based upon improvisation from a central inspirational melody or 'hook'. The song develops from this point by 'collaboration' with the other instruments. The theory is to allow the song to develop naturally or 'organically' by using subtle changes and dynamics within the melody. The improvised instruments often draw the structure in directions which would never have been contemplated. All this leads to what we hope is 'interesting' and 'original' music". [LPdA - 2001]

click here to listen to LPdA interviewed on radio cittadelcapo italia.